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EVL students JD Pirtle, Arthur Nishimoto, Karan Chakrapani, Todd Silvia, and Philip Pilosi received Honorable Mention for "20 Foot Canvas." The project pays homage to traditional painting, enabling artists to paint on a large-scale digital “canvas” by touching the wall with fingers or traditional brushes. The Next-Generation CAVE Virtual Environment, or NG-CAVE, when introduced in 2012, will enable researchers to visualize data in a fully immersive 3D stereoscopic environment. Read More... Zebras at the Ol' Pejeta conservancy in Kenya where in January 2010 UIC computer science students joined Princeton biology students in a unique field course in computational population biology (co-taught by Professor Tanya Berger-Wolf). Among other projects, students studied zebra social behavior and designed software for automatic identification of individual zebras by stripes. Computer Science Department wins university’s Departmental Teaching Award ADVIS Lab is first in matching biomedical ontologies with AgreementMaker (right to left: Cosmin Stroe, Federico Caimi, Ulas Keles, Isabel Cruz, Matteo Palmonari, Michele Caci, Rigel Gjomemo, and Flavio Palandri Antonelli). Gamer Edward Kahler applies his talent to create interactive visualization analysis tools for Argonne National Laboratory scientists

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