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I'm a Computer Science Ph.D. student working with Professor Chris Kanich in the BITS Networked Systems Laboratory at The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I received my undergraduate degree from Lawrence University in political science and economics in 2006. I then briefly attended Boston College Law School, then worked professionally doing web and iOS contract work.

Research Interests

My interests are cryptography, system and web-space security and machine learning.


Other Significant Writing

Current and Past Projects

  • Cloudsweeper - Encrypting and warning users of plain text passwords sent through their GMail accounts
  • 8bit Sound Synthesis - Writing new NES chip-style soundtracks using a corpus of 39 classic NES games and machine learning

Positions and Accomplishments

Talks / Events

Other (possibly) Useful Output

  • Objective-C Dijkstra implementation - Library to perform Dijkstra in Objective-C (for iOS and OSX applications)
  • WonkMeme - Detect popular topics and authors in public policy by imposing a weighted, directed graph onto the public policy blogosphere.
  • RedEye Title Generator - Silly site put together to demonstrate mashups for a talk. Automatically combines New York Times news items with titles of popular movies, songs and TV shows to make junk
  • VeryLocalData - Simple site to mash several sources of demographic and economic data about zipcodes, cities, states and localities in one convenient place.

Non-CS Bits

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