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Constantine M. Megaridis

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (1982)
National Technical Univ., Athens

M.S., Applied Mathematics (1986)
Brown University

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering (1987)
Brown University

Honors and Awards

  • University of Illinois Scholar Award, June 2012
  • Fellow, American Physical Society (APS), Sept. 2011
  • Annual Achievement Award, Illinois Engineering Council, 2008
  • College of Engineering Bronze Faculty Research Award, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2006
  • Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), July 2003
  • College of Engineering Faculty Research Award, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2003
  • UIC Teaching Recognition Award, 2000
  • AIAA Associate Fellow, 1999
  • Kenneth T. Whitby Award of the American Association of Aerosol Research, 1997
  • NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship, 1994, 1995
  • Brown University Fellowship, 1983
  • Bodossaki Foundation Academic Distinction Award and Scholarship, Greece, 1982-83
  • Salutatorian, Mechanical Engineering Class of 1982, National Technical University of Athens
  • State Scholarship Foundation and Technical Chamber of Greece Award for Academic Achievement, 1978-82
Selected Publications

C. M. Megaridis and R. A. Dobbins, “Morphological Description of Flame-Generated Materials,” Combustion Science and Technology 71, 95-109, 1990.

J. Fukai, Y. Shiiba, T. Yamamoto, O. Miyatake, D. Poulikakos, C. M. Megaridis and Z. Zhao, “Wetting Effects on the Spreading of a Liquid Droplet Colliding with a Flat Surface: Experiment and Modeling,” Physics of Fluids A 7, 236-247, 1995.

J. B. Szczech, C. M. Megaridis, D. R. Gamota and J. Zhang, “Fine-Line Conductor Manufacturing Using Advanced Drop-On-Demand PZT Printing Technology,” IEEE Transactions on Electronics Packaging Manufacturing 25, 26-33, 2002.

C. M. Megaridis, A. G. Yazicioglu, J. A. Libera and Y. Gogotsi, “Attoliter Fluid Experiments in Individual Closed-End Carbon Nanotubes: Liquid Film and Fluid Interface Dynamics,” Physics of Fluids 14, L5-L8, 2002.

I. S. Bayer and C.M. Megaridis, “Contact Angle Dynamics in Droplets Impacting on Flat Surfaces with Different Wetting Characteristics,” J. Fluid Mechanics 558, 415-449, 2006.

I. S. Bayer, C. M. Megaridis, J. Zhang, D. Gamota and A. Biswas, “Analysis and Surface Energy Estimation of Various Model Polymeric Surfaces using Contact Angle Hysteresis,” J. Adhesion Science and Technology 21, 1439-1467, 2007.

A. V. Bazilevsky, K. Sun, A. L. Yarin and C. M. Megaridis, “Room-Temperature, Open-Air, Wet Intercalation of Liquids, Surfactants, Polymers and Nanoparticles within Nanotubes and Microchannels,” J. Materials Chemistry 18, 696-702, 2008.

M. K. Tiwari, I. S. Bayer, G. M. Jursich, T. M. Schutzius and C. M. Megaridis, “Highly Liquid-Repellent, Large-Area, Nanostructured Poly(vinylidene fluoride)/Poly(ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate) Composite Coatings: Particle Filler Effects,” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2, 1114-1119, 2010.

S. Jung, M. Dorrestijn, D. Raps, A. Das, C. M. Megaridis and D. Poulikakos, “Are Superhydrophobic Surfaces best for Icephobicity?” Langmuir 27, 3059-3066, 2011.

A. Das, C. M. Megaridis, L. Liu, T. Wang and A. Biswas, “Design and Synthesis of Superhydrophobic Carbon Nanofiber Composite Coatings for Terahertz Frequency Shielding and Attenuation,” Applied Physics Letters 98, 174101, 2011.

A. Das, T. M. Schutzius, I. S. Bayer and C. M. Megaridis, “Superoleophobic and Conductive Carbon Nanofiber/Fluoropolymer Composite Films,” Carbon 50, 1346-1354, 2012.

A complete list of publications is provided at the Micro/Nanoscale Fluid Transport Laboratory site.

Research Interests

  • Experimental diagnostics in micro/nanoscale systems
  • Fluid/particle intercalation in nanotubes/nanofibers
  • Multifunctional polymer composite coatings
  • Superhydrophobicity/Superhydrophilicity
  • Electromagnetic interference shielding
  • Multiphase heat and mass transfer
  • Nanoparticle colloidal suspensions
  • Droplet and spray technologies
  • Micro/Nanofluidics
Laboratory Micro/Nanoscale Fluid Transport Laboratory
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