How to change your firefox cache settings


The firefox browser allows one to browse all the different webpages available on the internet. It provides a mechanism to cache pages and images to save time during subsequent viewings.


The firefox browser cache settings are available by going to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced (then clicking the 'network' tab)
cache settings in firefox

The default cache size is 50Mb which can obviously take a lot of your quota. The window allows you to change the size of the cache - probably 10Mb is a better size choice. There's also a button to clear the cache.

If you are interested - the Firefox files are located under your profile (example below is for
the support account) [N.B. the profile folder always has some random characters with a
.default extension]
[grover:support] ~/.mozilla/firefox/cy1k4izp.default>ls
bookmarkbackups       downloads.sqlite    places.sqlite
bookmarks.bak         extensions          pluginreg.dat
bookmarks.html        extensions.cache    prefs.js
Cache                 extensions.ini      search.rdf
cert8.db              extensions.rdf      search.sqlite
chrome                formhistory.dat     secmod.db
compatibility.ini     formhistory.sqlite  signons3.txt
components.ini        history.dat         urlclassifier3.sqlite
compreg.dat           key3.db             urlclassifierkey3.txt
content-prefs.sqlite  localstore.rdf      XPC.mfasl
cookies.sqlite        mimeTypes.rdf       xpti.dat
defaults.ini          permissions.sqlite  XUL.mfasl

The cache files are under the Cache folder. The other way of changing the setting (more
involved method) is to put 'about:config' (without the quotes) in the firefox address bar:

about:config settings

after clicking the 'I'll be careful, I promise!' button you'll be presented with the settings screen:
about:config settings page

the applicable parameter 'browser.cache.memory.capacity' is highlighted here (note it's set to 50000 Kb
which is equivalent to 50Mb). Double clicking on this parameter allows one to change the value to something smaller
perhaps 10000 (10Mb).

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