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I am an Associate Professor in the Computer Science department at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I am also affiliated with the Bioengineering department at UIC. My research interests span several areas such as Theoretical Computer Science/Discrete Mathematics/Algorithms, Computational Biology, Computational Geometry and Computational Finance.

During Fall 2014, I teach CS 501 (Computer Algorithms II).

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DasGupta's   Creative Algorithms  Lab
Funded by
Current funding: IIS-1160995 (PI), CCF-1216096 (PI), DBI-1062328 (PI), IIS-1064681 (co-PI)
Past funding: IIS-0346973 (PI), DBI-0543365 (co-PI), IIS-0610244 (co-PI), CCR-9800086 (PI), CNS-0206795 (PI), CCF-0208749 (PI)

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  • Erdös number: 3

    several routes such as
           DasGupta → P. Berman → M. Saks → P. Erdös
           DasGupta → G. Schnitger → E. Szémerédi → P. Erdös
           DasGupta → S. Kannan → P. Valtr → P. Erdös
           DasGupta → M. Fürer → E. P. Specker → P. Erdös
           DasGupta → G. Turan → A. Miklos → P. Erdös

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Upcoming book:
  • Bhaskar DasGupta and Jie Liang, Models and Algorithms for Biomolecules and Molecular Networks, IEEE Press, John Wiley & Sons, Inc..
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