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Peter Snyder

I am pursuing a Ph.D. in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago with Professor Chris Kanich in the BITS Networked Systems Laboratory. I received my undergraduate degree from Lawrence University in political science, with a focus on economics. I then briefly attended Boston College Law School, then worked professionally doing web and iOS contract work.

PGP Public Key: E588 CAB1 979B C3F9 7DE1 8CE6 2508 7803 8724 1783

Research Interests

My research focuses on the security and privacy of web browsing. Current projects include measuring the popularity, desirability and security costs of browser complexity, and investigating alternative web systems that prioritize client security and code predictability at minimal cost to web-author expressiveness.


Other Talks and Presentations

Other Significant Writing

Current and Past Projects

  • Cloudsweeper - Encrypting and warning users of plain text passwords sent through their GMail accounts
  • 8bit Sound Synthesis - Writing new NES chip-style soundtracks using a corpus of 39 classic NES games and machine learning

Positions and Accomplishments

Other (possibly) Useful Output

  • Objective-C Dijkstra implementation - Library to perform Dijkstra in Objective-C (for iOS and OSX applications)
  • FormBug - A Firefox extension to make dealing and developing form based applications easier. I just maintain it now, but wrote it back when I was doing web development work.

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