August 20, 2005: UIC Computer Science students take internships at numerous corporations including Boeing, Google, Microsoft, Morningstar, Motorola, Tellabs and Verizon.

UIC Computer Science students have the opportunity to work at companies during their summer breaks, as well as during the school year. Our students currently have internships at numerous companies including Boeing, Clarity Consulting, G2 Switchworks, Google, Infogent, Microsoft, Morningstar, Motorola, Novarra, Tellabs, Verizon and VM Ware. Some students are also spending their summers in government and academic research laboratories including Argonne National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of California, San Diego, and our own department's computer science research laboratories. Pete Nelson, Head of the UIC Department of Computer Science says, "The nationally recognized high quality of our computer science program and our Chicago location provides our students with excellent employment opportunities."

Companies searching for Computer Science students and recent graduates are encouraged to contact:

Peter C. Nelson (nelson @ or
Kristin Junia (kjunia @

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