September 7, 2005: EVL's GeoWall-2 Tiled Display at the Science Museum of Minnesota

This summer EVL's GeoWall-2 tiled display was placed at the Science Museum of Minnesota to assist the museum in evaluating the use of advanced display technologies for future generation museum exhibits. The museum was recently awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to apply advanced visualization technology towards the development of a traveling exhibit called Water Planet- which focuses on the ecological and geophysical impact of water or its absence on the planet. Pat Hamilton spearheads this project at the museum. Paul Morin at the University of Minnesota Geology department through funding from the National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics supported MS student Dmitri Svistula in the development of software to view high resolution remote-sensing images on the GeoWall-2. Dmitri's software, called "Magic Carpet" allows a viewer to pan and zoom through images of enormous resolution at extremely high speeds.

Dmitri was a student in Professor Leigh's video game class (CS426) 2 years ago where his project won the class' game development competition. Ever since then Professor Leigh has encouraged him to go on to graduate school. Early in Spring of 2005 Professor Leigh managed to find an opportunity for Dmitri to use what he had learned from the video game class and apply it to a real-world application. The museum was the perfect setting- as the development of a compeling museum exhibit is in many ways very much like the development of a video game.

EVL has had over 20 years of experience transfering cutting-edge research in visualization and networking to scientists, artists, museums, elementary schools and industry. This work is the latest in EVL's multi-faceted technology transfer efforts.

Below is an image of Dmitri in front of the GeoWall-2 where Magic Carpet is showing a time-varying NASA satellite animation of the change in seasons across the entire planet.

Development of the GeoWall-2 was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation.

image of Dmitri in front of the <span class=GeoWall-2">

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