December 16, 2005: Prof. Clement Yu commercializes massive news search engine with SBIR Phase II grant

Prof. Clement has founded the company Webscalers which is specializing in massive search for information on the web. It has a prototype metasearch engine ( of news items. This system connects to numerous news search engines in order to have broad coverage of news. The aim of the company is to produce systems which have extremely high coverage and return timely information.

Searching for news is of interest to many people. Some news items are time-critical. For example, if appropriate information concerning the Asia Tsunami in 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 could be made available in a timely manner, fatalities and sufferings may be reduced. Webscalers is an outgrowth of the research work which was done by Prof. Clement Yu of the Department of Computer Science at UIC and Prof. Weiyi Meng of the Department of Computer Science at SUNY Binghamton. It is currently continued as a commercial project funded by a National Science Foundation SBIR Phase II grant. Please feel free to try the news search system indicated above. Contact for questions and comments.

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