January 18, 2006: UIC Computer Scientists receive Supercomputing '05 High Performance Computing Challenge Award

UIC Computer Scientists received the High Performance Challenge Award from the the 2005 ACM/IEEE Conference on Supercomputing (SC ?05), November 17, 2005 in Seattle for their work "Real Time Change Detection and Alerts from Highway Traffic Data." UIC's team was led by the UIC National Center for Data Mining director Robert Grossman. The team included researchers from UIC's National Data Mining Center, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and Electronic Visualization Laboratory, and collaborators from Argonne National Laboratory and Open Data Research. The co-authors included Robert Grossman, Michal Sabala, Anushka Aanand, Steve Eick, Leland Wilkinson, and Pei Zhang UIC National Center for Data Mining

John Chaves and Steve Vejcik
Open Data Research

John Dillenburg, Peter Nelson and Doug Rorem
UIC AI Laboratory

Javid Alimohideen and Jason Leigh
UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory

Mike Papka and Rick Stevens
Argonne National Laboratory

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