February 27, 2006: National Security Agency (NSA) certifies Computer Security Curriculum

The National Security Agency (NSA) through its Committee of National Security Systems (CNSS), has certified the UIC's Information Assurance program as meeting national training standards for Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals and for Information Systems Security Officers/./

Students who participate in this program will receive a certificate from UIC stating that they have met national standards in these areas.

The CNSS committee evaluated the security classes that are currently being offered at UIC against the standards NSTISSI 4011 and 4014E, and validated the mapping at 100%. Information about those courses can be found at http://www.cs.uic.edu/~grad/compusec.htm. In addition, information about Information Assurance at UIC can be found at the newly established Center for Research and Instruction in Technologies for Electronic Security (RITES) http://www.rites.uic.edu

Faculty from UIC will receive recognition and an official certificate during the June 2006 CNSS Awards Ceremony, which will be held at Washington. This certificate, signed by the CNSS Chair, will be valid through June 2009.

UIC will be recognized during the June 2006 CNSS Awards Ceremony, held in Washington, DC in June. A certificate will be presented to UIC, signed by the CNSS Chair, certifying the UIC program through June 2009.


RITES Web page: http://www.rites.uic.edu
CNSS Web page: http://www.cnss.gov
NSA Web page: http://www.nsa.gov
UIC News Article: UIC Students Certified in Computer Security

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