April 13, 2006: Seminar: Kathleen M. Carley ''Dynamic Network Analysis: A Computational Approach to Counter Terrorism Analyses''

Seminar Announcement

Dynamic Network Analysis: A Computational Approach to Counter Terrorism Analyses

Kathleen M. Carley
Institute for Software Research International
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Thursday, April 13, 2006
3 p.m., 1000 SEO


Terrorist groups can be usefully characterized as large, complex dynamic networks. Trying to assess these networks and manage their evolution requires thinking about the relations among actors and the ability of these networks to heal, replicate and otherwise evolve. Dynamic network analysis (DNA) is an emergent field centered on the collection, analysis, understanding and prediction of dynamic relations (such as who talks to whom and who knows what) and the impact of such dynamics on individual and group behavior. DNA facilitates reasoning about real groups as complex dynamic systems that evolve over time. This is made possible by combining text-mining, data-mining, and multi-agent simulation tools linked together into toolchains. DNA can and has been usefully applied to terror networks. This talk discusses the basics of DNA and how they are integrated into a computuational toolsuite, and provides information on an application to counter-terrorism.

Hosts: Aris Ouksel (IDS) and Tanya Berger-Wolf (CS)

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