May 27, 2006: Professors Liu, Nelson and Yu receive Chicago Biomedical Consortium Grant

Professors Bing Liu, Pete Nelson and Clement Yu have received a $135,000 grant with Professor Wen-Hsiung Li (University of Chicago) from the Chicago Biomedical Consortium titled "Advanced System for Comparative Analysis of Metabolism"

A metabolic process involves a concerted interaction of many cellular components. Understanding complex processes governing metabolism requires a system biology approach and exploration of biological systems at various levels of organization: genomic, metabolic, and enzymatic. Our goal is to develop a computer system that can be used to compare metabolic processes from different organisms, so that we can identify variations in metabolic pathways and enzymes among taxonomic groups of organisms and can understand the mechanisms of adaptation to environmental changes. We also want to apply this system to biomedical research such as how to quickly identify a bacterial pathogen, a tool that is much needed in bio-defense. To pursue this multidisciplinary subject we have formed a research team that includes biologists, evolutionists, and computer scientists, so that we can develop databases, mathematical models, computer algorithms, and computer interfaces, and can conduct systematic analyses of biological data.

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