June 29, 2006: Seminar: Microsoft Architect Erik Meijer speaks at UIC: "VB IsNot C#"

Seminar Announcement

Microsoft Architect Erik Meijer speaks at UIC: "VB IsNot C#"

Erik Meijer
June 29, 2006
1:00 p.m., SEO 1000


About a year ago I had a true "Road To Damascus" experience when I discovered that Visual Basic is unique amongst all programming languages in that it has static typing where possible, but allows dynamic typing where possible. This makes Visual Basic better than dynamically typed-only scripting languages on the one hand, and also better than statically typed systems programming languages on the other hand. In fact, I am betting my career and reputation on the presumption that Visual Basic is the programming language that will democratize dynamic, data-intensive distributed programming in the Cloud, just like Visual Basic 1 democratized programming against Windows.

In this talk I will explain why Visual Basic is not C# with a different syntax, what Visual Basic's late binding is all about, what we are doing right now to make Visual Basic 9 the best programming language for normal people that leverages the LINQ framework to query any form of data with features such as deep XML support and powerful query comprehensions, and how we envision to grow Visual Basic in the future as the language for the Cloud.

Brief Bio:

Erik Meijer is an architect in the WebData XML group at Microsoft where he works with the C# and Visual Basic teams on language and type-systems for data integration in programming languages. Prior to joining Microsoft he was an associate professor at Utrecht University and adjunct professor at the Oregon Graduate Institute. Erik is one of the designers of the Mondrian scripting language, standard functional programming language Haskell98, and Cw.


Do not attend this talk if you don't want to be converted into a Visual Basic believer yourself.

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