July 9, 2002: Di Eugenio receives NSF CAREER Award
June 15 Barbara Di Eugenio receives an NSF CAREER award.

The National Science Foundation has awarded a 5 year, $330,000 CAREER grant to Barbara Di Eugenio. The project, "Automatic Knowledge Acquisition for Natural Language Interfaces to Educational Applications", is designed to develop fundamental principles for natural language interfaces for the next generation of intelligent tutoring systems. Natural language interfaces to intelligent tutoring systems need both knowledge about how to act in a domain and communication knowledge about how to talk about acting in the domain. This project seeks to overcome the domain dependence of natural language interfaces that prevents them from being portable to other domains by developing a methodology, algorithms and tools to semi-automatically derive domain and communication knowledge from text and dialogues.

In addition, Dr. Di Eugenio has recently received a UIC Campus Research Board award for a two year project on "Design of On-line Feedback for Instructional Applications". This interdisciplinary research investigates the features of the feedback students receive from human tutors, and is a collaboration with Dr. Stellan Ohlsson of the UIC department of Psychology.

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