October 6, 2006: Team of undergraduate and graduate students publish anti-spamming paper at CEAS 2006

UIC Computer Science students working in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory with Professor Pete Nelson have developed a system called Spamalot. The Spamalot system uses intelligent agents to interact with spam messages and systems referenced in spam. The goal of Spamalot is to consume spam senders' resources by engaging the spammer in an unproductive conversation or information exchange.

A paper describing the Spamalot system titled "Spamalot: A Toolkit for Consuming Spammers' Resources" was published and presented at the 3rd Conference on Email and Anti-Spam (CEAS 2006) on July 27, 2006 in Mountain View, California. In addition to Professor Nelson, the co-authors included Ph.D. student Ken Dallmeyer and three undergraduate students Lukasz Szybalski, Tom Palarz, and Michael Wieher.

For more information, please contact Peter C. Nelson at nelson @ cs.uic.edu

See also: http://www.rites.uic.edu/projects.html and http://www.ceas.cc/

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