September 27, 2006: EVL's Varrier Technology Advances

EVL's Varrier Technology Advances. EVL researchers, PhD candidates Robert Kooima and Tom Peterka complete advancements in EVL's Varrier(TM) Autostereo display system research. The latest Varrier systems have twice the resolution and increased rendering performance as a result of the development of a new algorithm, Varrier Combiner, that exploits programmable graphics processing for significantly increased sub-pixel Varrier line screen rendering performance; sub-pixel-scale rendering is no longer more expensive than pixel-scale rendering. This has afforded system developers to reduce the resolution of the parallax barrier down from pixel scale to sub-pixel scale, resulting in tremendous resolution and performance gains. Calit2 at the University of California at San Diego has recently deployed the world's largest Varrier system at 65-panels that takes advantage of this research.

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