We are pleased to announce that our colleagues Professors Andy Johnson and John Lillis have recently been selected for the 2007 Teaching Recognition Program Awards from UIC's Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. A maximum of 20 UIC faculty per year receive this award, so we are very honored to have two CS faculty be recognized with this award in one year.

Professor Johnson has received excellent teaching reviews from his students. He was one of the first faculty members to make his class notes available on the Web, both to the students in his classes and to other faculty members. He constantly updates his courses to take advantage of the latest research. He regularly provides the students in his courses with access to the cutting edge visualization technology being developed at our Electronic Visualization Laboratory giving them an exciting experience with exotic tools that will become more commonplace in the coming years. Professor Johnson's research focuses on developing advanced visualization technology including applying this technology to teaching and learning. This includes the very successful GeoWall project that has changed the way Earth Science is being taught at universities across the country. Over 500 GeoWalls have been built at universities such as Arizona State, Indiana, Kansas, MIT, Minnesota, San Diego State, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, as well as here at UIC to have an inexpensive 3D interactive visualization display for use in lectures and student laboratories.

Professor Lillis has received excellent student teaching reviews. Students who took Professor Lillis' courses not only expressed appreciation for his teaching style, genial demeanor, and command of the material, but also for the lasting value of the material and the skills that they learned in his courses. Professor Lillis has made outstanding educational service contributions. Early in his career at UIC, he was instrumental in the 1998 revision of the undergraduate Computer Engineering curriculum. Professor Lillis was also a key team member in multiple revisions of the CS 201/202 course sequence. Finally, from 2004 to 2006, Professor Lillis served as the chair of the department's Computer Committee. In this capacity he spearheaded several initiatives which have tangibly improved the learning environment of our students; these included the establishment of a student lounge and meeting/study area in the Instructional Computing Lab (ICL). In 2005-2006, Professor Lillis' work as Computer Committee chair was instrumental in coordinating the first major renovation in over 20 years to our Instructional Computing Labs. This project involved spending around $300,000 to redo floors, walls, lighting, multi-media equipment and laboratory equipment.

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