December 3, 2007: Seminar: Jose Zagal: "Supporting Learning about Games"

Seminar Announcement

Supporting Learning about Games

Jose Zagal
Georgia Tech
Tuesday December 11
2:00 to 3:30, Room SEO 1000


On the surface, it seems like teaching about games should be easy. After all, students are highly motivated, enjoy engaging with course content, and have extensive personal experience with videogames. Games education in reality is surprisingly complex. This talk will discuss the educational and learning issues involved in studying games. It will also describing the design and use of two online learning environments for supporting learning about games: GameLog and the Game Ontology Wiki. GameLog is an online blogging environment designed to help students reflect on their game playing experiences. GameLog differs from traditional blogging environments because each user maintains multiple parallel blogs, with each blog devoted to a single game. The Game Ontology wiki provides an authentic context for students to contribute and participate of a games studies research endeavor: the Game Ontology Project, a hierarchy of elements of gameplay. This talk will address the results of using GameLog and the Game Ontology Wiki in university level games-related classes and discuss the importance that online collaborative environments like these can play in providing students with opportunities for leveraging their personal knowledge for deeper understanding while providing them with authentic environments for legitimate participation.

Brief Bio:

Jose Zagal is a PhD candidate in the College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology. He has an MSc in engineering sciences and a BS in industrial engineering from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. His research interests include the use of online communities for collaborative learning and the development of frameworks for describing, analyzing, and understanding games. He is a member of the Electronic Learning Communities Lab and the Experimental Game Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology. In his free time he loves to design and play game

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