December 14, 2007: UIC Researcher Featured in Science News

Science News, a weekly magazine of science, has published an article about Prof. Berger-Wolf's work on computational analysis of social networks of zebras. The article titled "Social Networking for Zebras", was written by Science News' Math Trek columnist Julie J. Rehmeyer.

The article describes work by Prof. Berger-Wolf and her graduate students, Chayant Tantipathananandh, Habiba, and Mayank Lahiri, in collaboration with biologists from Princeton University Daniel Rubenstein, Siva Sundaresan, Ilya Fischhoff and computer scientists Jared Saia from University of New Mexico and David Kempe from University of Southern California.
Julie J. Rehmeyer, "Social Networking for Zebras", Week of Dec. 1, 2007;
Vol. 172, No. 22

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