UIC Computer Science Professor Tanya Berger-Wolf and PhD Student Habiba Habiba were part of the Summer Super Math program of Oak Park, IL on June 26 and July 10. They engaged elementary school children in activities that demonstrated computer science concepts without using computers. A silly hat prize machine was a finite state automaton that taught children about determinism, how to write and follow programs, input and output, and reverse engineering. A tarp with duct tape became a 6-input sorting network and helped kids learn about sorting numbers, birthdays, and names by comparison and parallel processing. The ideas for the activities were inspired by Computer Science Unplugged and MATHmaniaCS.

Prof. Berger-Wolf and PhD Student Habiba are transformed into a Silly Hat Finite State Automaton at the Oak Park, IL Summer SuperMath program, where on June 26, 2007 they demonstrated computer science concepts to elementary school children.

A sorting network on six inputs demonstrates how computers sort by comparison and in parallel to the elementary school children at the Summer SuperMath program in Oak Park, IL on July 10, 2007.

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