August 8, 2001: NSF funds AGAVE research at EVL
The National Science Foundation has awarded a three-year, $700,000 equipment grant to the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago to develop the AGAVE: Access Grid Autostereo Virtual Environment.

To this end, EVL has prototyped the Varrier(TM) technique for displaying high-quality, computed autostereograms-in-motion, made possible by the advent of relatively high-resolution, dimensionally stable LCD panel technology. With PC graphics in clusters now allowing affordable design and implementation of arrays of displays, very high resolution can be achieved by tiling these panels.

The AGAVE, tiled, high-resolution autostereo display will be built and tested over the next three years, and will integrate well with high-speed networks. For more information, please contact Laura Wolf at or call 312.996.3002

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