November 25, 2008: TacTile -- High-Definition, Multi-touch Interface Display Debuts at SC08

November 2008

TacTile -- High-Definition, Multi-touch Interface Display Debuts at SC08

Image courtesy of Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago
CHICAGO -- TacTile, the newest display device to come out of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), puts interaction with high-definition (HD) scientific imagery at the user's fingertips - literally. The multi-touch, 52-inch LCD tabletop display made its debut at Supercomputing 2008 (SC08), November 15-21, in Austin, Texas.

Staff and students from EVL, an advanced visualization and networking technologies laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), demonstrated the TacTile system in the San Diego Supercomputer Center booth, where EVL again participated with its partners from the University of California, San Diego.

TacTile's multi-touch interface functions like a tabletop-sized Apple iPhone, only in HD resolution. Multiple users can pan, zoom, and interact with highly detailed imagery and applications, in real-time, and with improved resolution and accuracy over displays based on video projection. TacTile targets scientific researchers who require high resolution to gain insight into complex datasets, and tackle 21st century problems ranging from the origin of the universe to global climate change.

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