March 26, 2009: CS PhD student, Habiba, receives UIC Chancellor Student Service Award for outreach work

Middle school robotics competition in Oak Park, IL on February 12, 2009. PhD student Habiba worked with the school on the right to help its teams program their robots.

A Computer Science PhD student Habiba has received the 2009 UIC Chancellor Student Service Award for her outreach work with the Oak Park Educational Foundation helping middle school students program robots. Habiba has been volunteering for the Vex Robotics Club at Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School in Oak Park, IL. During this unusually brutal winter, she has faithfully taken the train out to Oak Park on Wednesday afternoons and some Saturday mornings to help students program the robots that they designed and built. On February 12 Habiba cheered on during the competition between the two Oak Park middle school robotics teams. The team she worked with opened up with a spectacular series of ball launches, putting 4 out of 6 balls into a moving basket. The overall competition ended in a tie. The students and the Oak Park Educational Foundation expressed their appreciation of Habiba's work and help. She is planning to come back next year.


Chancellor's Student Service Award (CSSA) honors students who have made an outstanding contribution to the University through campus and community service. Student nominees must contribute a significant amount of time, effort and creativity to one or more campus and/or community service project(s).

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