July 6, 2009: UIC Joins Global PlanetLab Research Network

UIC recently became a member of PlanetLab. PlanetLab is a global research network that supports the development of new network services. Since the beginning of 2003, more than 1,000 researchers at top academic institutions and industrial research labs have used PlanetLab to develop new technologies for distributed storage, network mapping, peer-to-peer systems, distributed hash tables, and query processing.

As a PlanetLab member, UIC is hosting the experiments of researchers from around the world. In return, UIC researchers are able to run their own experiments on the over 1000 computers that form the PlanetLab network. If you are a UIC researcher that needs PlanetLab access for an experiment, please contact Prof. Jakob Eriksson.

For more information about PlanetLab, see http://www.planet-lab.org

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