August 17, 2009: Microsoft features CS faculty's work on social networks of zebra
Microsoft has selected UIC CS assistant professor Tanya Berger-Wolf's work on computational analysis of the social interaction of zebras as one of the projects it features for it external research program.

"Recent advances in sensing devices and other data-collection technologies are enabling scientists to gather huge amounts of information about animal populations and their interactions. Computer scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago are developing new computational tools that could enable researchers to put that information to use in a wide variety of ways?from protecting endangered species to tracking terrorists."

The Microsoft External Research Division of Microsoft Research partners with academia, governments and industry to advance scientific and computer science research that addresses some of the world?s most urgent and significant social and technological challenges. Along with providing research expertise, financial and technical support, and advanced technologies to enable groundbreaking projects worldwide, Microsoft External Research is committed to providing interoperable tools and services to support every stage of the research process. Efforts are focused in four research areas?including Health and Wellbeing, which is dedicated to developing technologies that advance healthcare and help people make better choices about their health.

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Microsoft External Research:

Computational Population Biology Lab at UIC

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