August 26, 2009: A Unique UIC Program Unites Art and Science
?Redefining the Medical Artist? -- an exhibition curated by Meena Malhotra, a Master's student in the UIC Biomedical Visualization program -- is on view at the International Museum of Surgical Science (1524 N Lake Shore Drive, Chicago) through October 17, 2009. The exhibition?s photorealistic 3-D models are created with the same software video-game designers use. Malhotra's master?s thesis involves developing 3-D models and interactive animations of a dog?s hind leg so veterinarians can learn how to perform a common surgery on dogs with hip dysplasia. Like many of her classmates, she?s brushing up on her programming skills at UIC?s Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), which pioneered several virtual-reality technologies. UIC?s graduate biomedical visualization program is one of only four in the United States; Malhotra cites its partnership with the EVL as evidence that it?s the most progressive. Malhotra finds that the program attracts students who are torn between art and science in college -- many of them doctors? kids, like herself, whose interest in medicine doesn?t quite extend to medical school. For more information, see

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