September 11, 2009: Prestigious Fellowships Available for Undergraduate Students at UIC

Application due: 29 September 2009

UIC has obtained three prestigious US Department of Homeland Security Fellowship for Undergraduates in Computer Security.


  • Must be a US citizen.
  • Must have and maintain a GPA of 3.3 or higher averaged over all academic terms.
  • Must fulfill requirements for the UIC computer security undergraduate major.(see
  • Must work for a year after graduation (and during one summer) at a US Government facility.

Benefi ts
  • Duration up 2 years of support
  • Tuition and Fees fully paid by the grant
  • Monthly Stipend during the academic year, the fellow will be paid $1,000 monthly.
  • Conference travel and registration will be paid by the fellowship.
  • Internship students will intern at government facilities during the summer and receive $5,000 for this summer employment.


Application is due 21 September or earlier, in 905 SEO and is to be addressed to UIC/DHS Undergraduate Fellowship in Computer Security. Application will consist of a letter and current transcript (need not be an offcial transcript). The letter must state:

1. That it is an application for UIC/DHS Undergraduate Fellowship in Computer Security
2. That you are a US citizen
3. The number of credit hours you've completed prior to this semester
4. The number of full time semesters until you will graduate
5. The CS courses, with grades, that you have taken
6. The name of at least one faculty reference, preferably from UIC
7. Any other pertinent information

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