January 11, 2010: CS course goes to Kenya

This semester a unique interdisciplinary course is offered for the first time in the department Field Computational Biology. PhD students in biology (from Princeton University) and computer science (from UIC) are working with faculty in both disciplines (Prof. Berger-Wolf from UIC, Profs. Rubenstein and Couzin from Princeton) to learn how to ask questions, frame hypotheses and understand how and why the disciplines and cultures do this differently. The course has begun with ?boot camp? where students have learned the key concepts and approaches from biology, computer science and engineering. The initial interdisciplinary orientation is being followed by a research project in the field. The projects range from social interactions of pastoral sheep herds to automatic recognition of individual zebras from images. The on-location course will be followed up throughout the semester at each university, culminating in a videoconference of student presentations. To follow the course see the blog created by the participants at: http://kenyacourse.blogspot.com/

A UIC news article about the course http://www.uic.edu/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/uicnews/articledetail.cgi?id=13707

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