April 13, 2010: Professor Jon A. Solworth invited to Google workshop on secure desktops

Google is hosting an invitation-only workshop to consider a clean slate design (i.e., starting from scratch) for the next generation of desktops and mobile device software. Such a design would have greatly increased security over today's devices and support increased privacy. Google has a strong interest in this subject, as Chinese dissidents' gmail accounts were hacked into; the most successful attacks were through the dissidents' desktops.

The workshop is designed to be highly interactive, with only 24 attendees and includes academic experts from leading universities. Prof. Solworth is leading a project to build a new secure desktop operating system called Ethos. UIC was recently awarded a $1.15 million National Science Foundation grant for initial work in Ethos under the direction of Prof. Solworth and Prof. Daniel J. Bernstein.

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