November 19, 2010: A Video Gamer's Obsession Helps Create Analysis Tools for Scientists

Like many little boys today, Ed Kahler grew up playing video games, and he is turning his love of gaming into a successful career path. While an undergraduate in Computer Science at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Kahler took the "Video Game Design and Development" class. His technical abilities and creativity came to the attention of his professor, who subsequently hired him to work in the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL).

Kahler's hardware talents made him one of the lead developers of TacTile, EVL's successful multi-touch table -- think of it as a big iPhone. That success encouraged Kahler to continue his education at UIC, and he is now completing a Computer Science master's degree. Meanwhile, TacTile came to the attention of collaborators at Argonne National Laboratory, who subsequently supported Kahler to first build them a TacTile table, and now supports him to develop Cli-Mate, a scientific application that enhances collaboration by enabling scientists to view their data in a multi-touch environment.

This summary is based on the article "Gamer Edward Kahler brings his talent to Argonne" by Marcella McCarthy of Northwestern University's Medill School. To learn more about Ed Kahler and the Cli-Mate application, see:

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