December 3, 2010: CTS Seminar - Dr. Alwar Narayanan: "Automatic Creation of 3D Maps"

CTS IGERT Seminar Series Presents?

Automatic Creation of 3D Maps

Dr. Alwar Narayanan
Director of Research & Emerging Technologies NAVTEQ
Friday December 3, 2010
2:30 p.m., 1000 SEO Building


NAVTEQ is a leading global provider of digital map data. NAVTEQ maps drive most in-vehicle navigation systems, the top routing web sites, and the leading brands of wireless navigation devices. NAVTEQ continues to enhance the technologies used for collecting, analyzing, and delivering new content to a wide range of users and devices.

This presentation will address NAVTEQ's research on automatic creation of navigable map through the use of high-end mobile data collection sensors and computer vision techniques. Results of research efforts based on large scale, geo-referenced, ground level video and LIDAR data collection will be presented. The talk will also highlight the challenges related to automatic feature extraction of road attributes for mapping and navigation. Specifically, our approach to automatically reconstruct lane level maps, overpasses and traffic signs to create a virtual 3D map will be presented.


Alwar Narayanan is currently the Director of Research & Emerging Technologies group at NAVTEQ. His research focus is to identify technologies that help recreate rich set of navigable map content more accurately and efficiently. Alwar has been leading research projects at NAVEQ since 1997. Prior joining to NAVTEQ, Alwar spent 12 years in teaching and working on various research projects at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India. Alwar holds a M.S. Degree in Computer Science from IIT, Chennai and an MBA from Northern Illionois University, Dekalb, IL. Alwar holds 7 U.S. Patents in the areas of digital mapping.

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