August 16, 2011: Professor Venkat Venkatakrishnan and team awarded $3.2 million NSF IGERT for "Electronic Security and Privacy: Technological, Human, Enterprise and Legal Considerations"

Principal Investigator:?Venkat ?Venkatakrishnan, Computer Science (Engineering)

Co-PIs: ?Ranganathan Chandrasekaran, Information & Decision Sciences (Business)
? ? ? ? ? ? ?Steve Jones, Communications?(LAS)
? ? ? ? ? ? ?Robert Sloan, Computer?Science (Engineering)
? ? ? ? ? ? ?Annette Valenta,?Biomedical and Health Information Sciences?(Applied Health Sciences)

Congratulations to Venkat Venkatakrishnan??for leading this effort, the co-PIs,?and the 15 UIC professors (and?one?Kent Law School professor) that?participated in developing this proposal (see attachment for a full list of?names). ?The?proposal involves four UIC colleges. ?Our?sincere thanks to Deans Nelson, Pagano, Tantillo, and?Tate (and former Dean?McBride) for their strong support. The proposal also received outstanding?support from?Vice-Chancellor Garcia and?OVCR, and Interim Dean Gillette??and the Graduate?College. ?Thanks also to?Computer Science staff members Denise?Kelly,?Imelda Baker, and Ivy Yuan for excellent administrative support?in preparing the?proposal.?We thank everyone?involved for?both their pre-award efforts, and in advance for the?post-award support they have committed to?make this project?successful.

This IGERT award supports the establishment?of a PhD training program in all the many aspects of?Electronic?Security?and Privacy. We all know that today?individuals, corporations and governments are facing?myriad?threats online?in the form of cyber-attacks, online fraud, viruses, worms,?identity thefts, and informational?losses. Technological expertise is a?necessity to fight these threats, but?technological solutions divorced?from human, social, economic, and legal?considerations are all too often ineffective.

The objective?of the program is to broadly educate a new generation of PhD students from a range of disciplines so that they become the educators, researchers, and?professionals who can?address?these?electronic security and privacy?problems.

Please read the UIC News Release for more info.

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