September 26, 2011: Advanced Programming Seminar - Jakob Eriksson: "Mastering the Unix Command Line"

Advanced Programming Seminar

Mastering the Unix Command Line

Jakob Eriksson
Wednesday, September 27, 2011
12:00 p.m., 1000 SEO Building


In sharp contrast with the first talk in the series, this talk is about writing small, quick-and-dirty programs to get things done on the fly, using a mixture of widely available command line tools.

In this hands-on demonstration/talk, we will take a head-first plunge into the depths of the Unix command line. Created as a modular environment for processing text and files, the Unix command line is the original mash-up environment, and an incredibly powerful tool.

Tentative list of tools to be demonstrated during the talk: bash (substitution, loops, control flow), grep, awk, sed, find, wc, sort, uniq. Members of the audience are encouraged to send example datasets to be processed, or other scripting problems, to, or to make special requests toward the end of the talk.

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