January 21, 2014: OVCR Researcher of the Year: Philip Yu

Philip Yu has just been named as a 2013 Researcher of the Year recipient. These honors recognize the efforts and commitment of researchers who have demonstrated outstanding research achievements to advance the knowledge in their field of expertise. The Distinguished Researcher award is given to 5 UIC researchers who have demonstrated outstanding research achievements in their field of expertise, one for each of 5 fields.

Our field is Natural Sciences & Engineering. The announcement reads:

Philip S. Yu, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor & Wexler Chair in Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering. Dr. Yu is considered a world leader in the area of Big Data as recognized by the 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society's Technical Achievement Award for "pioneering and fundamentally innovative contributions to the scalable indexing, querying, searching, mining and anonymization of big data". Yu's research aims to address two major challenges: variety (the complexity of mixed data types) and velocity (the rate of arrival of new data). Yu's work is highly cited and has been supported by government and private sector sponsors including the NSF, NIH, DOD, Google and Yahoo.

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