October 28, 2014: Congratulations to Dean Nelson, John Dillenburg, and UIC AI Lab on new $5.5 million research contract

The UIC Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has received a $5,494,501 research contract from the Illinois Department of Transportation to continue research, development and operation of the Gateway Traveler Information System (GTIS) and the TravelMidwest.com website. The TravelMidwest.com website provides over 9 terabytes of real-time traffic information to thousands of users each year. The Gateway system collects, analyzes and fuses sensor data and anecdotal information from 16 transportation operating agencies including the Illinois Department of Transportation Districts one through four, the Illinois Tollway, the Chicago Department of Transportation, Lake County, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the Indiana Toll Road, the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Michigan Department of Transportation. Data that is not automatically collected is handled by a 24/7 operations staff of University employees. The system has coverage in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. Real-time traffic information for the rest of Illinois, Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul will be added to the GTIS as part of this new 21 month contract.

Title: Gateway Maintenance and Enhancements VI
Amount: $5,494,501
Period: October 1, 2014 through June 30, 2016
Agency: Illinois Department of Transportation

PI: Pete Nelson (Professor of Computer Science, Dean of Engineering, AI Laboratory Director)
Co-PI and Project Director: Dr. John Dillenburg (Associate Director of the AI Laboratory)
Senior Personnel: Doug Rorem (Software Engineer) and Caleb Drake (Research Engineer)

This research contract supports 16 full-time staff and over 15 part-time staff and students. The developed systems help reduce congestion throughout the coverage area by gathering and disseminating travel conditions to government agencies and the general public. The Texas Transportation Institute's latest data shows that $6.2 billion in gasoline, time and pollution is wasted annually on delays due to congestion in the Chicago area alone.

For more information on Gateway and its related systems please see http://www.TravelMidwest.com or the Gateway TIS brochure.

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