February 18, 2015: CS PhD student Ivan Brugere wins Illinois Technology Foundation's Fifty for the Future award

Ivan Brugere in Kenya in January 2015, observing baboon behavior for his research on decision-making among social individuals.

Congratulations to Ivan Brugere, Computer Science PhD student in the Computational Population Biology Lab, on being selected as one of the Illinois Technology Foundation's Fifty for the Future.

The ITF Fifty for the Future? mobilizes academia and industry to support students across Illinois universities who aspire to greatness in the field of technology. Students who are selected are those who compel the technology industry forward.

In its 8th year, this event will honor Illinois students who have proven determination and foresight through their education and deeds in the application and development of technology. This annual competition culminates in an evening of celebration, highlighting the students themselves and the Foundation?s work with industry and academia in bringing real world experiences into the classroom to assure a steady stream of future technology workers and leaders for Illinois.

The awards are open to all students from high school juniors to graduate students that do not graduate before March 10, 2015. Ivan is also the recipient of the Google Lime Scholarship (2014), Chancellor?s Graduate Research Award (2014), and is an ESP IGERT Associate.

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