April 6, 2015: Seminar - Alwar Narayanan: "Connected cars and the data management issues"

Seminar Announcement

Connected cars and the data management issues

Alwar Narayanan
Vice President, Customer Innovation
Rivet Radio, Inc. Chicago, IL
April 6, 2015
2:00 p.m., 117 Taft Hall


According to Forbes, the next hottest trend in the Auto industry is ?Connected Cars?. This industry is estimated to generate global market revenue of $141 billion by 2020. The foremost benefits to the consumer from advancements in this industry are improved safety and reduced maintenance costs. The combination of sensor data, location data and infotainment data from these cars is expected to produce unprecedented amount of data. There are a number of challenges and opportunities in the areas of data collection, transmission, storage and management issues that goes along with the evolution of this industry. This talk will address the advances in the connected car industry and the data management challenges in connection with the infotainment solutions. The practical challenges that are still to be resolved in these areas will also be presented.

Alwar Narayanan is currently working as Vice President of Customer Innovation at Rivet Radio, Inc. Rivet Radio is a tech and media start up in Chicago that offers personalized, location relevant audio news. Prior to Rivet Radio, Alwar worked at Navteq ? the map data company ? for 15 years and led the Research team to create world?s first digital map data products that are used in today?s navigation systems. During those years, Alwar worked closely with the R&D teams at car companies in creating location specific content that is needed for automotive safety applications. Alwar has also spent over 12 years at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India in various roles including research and teaching.

Hosted by: Dr. Ouri Wolfson

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