September 16, 2015: Congratulations to UIC Computer Science Professors Berger-Wolf and Kenyon on new $375K NSF brain grant

Congratulations to Computer Science Associate Professor Tanya Berger-Wolf and Professor Robert Kenyon are co-PIs on a new 3-year NSF grant with an Assistant Professor in neuroscience at the UIUC, Dan Llano (PI), entitled ?CRCNS: Community Dynamic Imaging of Corticothalamic Projections?

The total award amount is $750,000 , with $375,039 coming to UIC; the official start date is October 1.


Massive amounts of brain imaging data open an unprecedented window into the structure and function of the brain, yet the tools to aid the understanding of the data are lagging. The main goal of this research project is to understand the dynamics of brain function, particularly in the auditory system, through global yet very high spatial and temporal resolution imaging techniques and using the state-of-the-art analytical tools developed for analysis of dynamic social networks. The interdisciplinary neuroscience and computational team, building on promising initial results, will work to adapt these tools developed for understanding human and animal behavior to the context of brain networks and the processes that happen over them. Using this innovative approach, the team will study a particular brain pathway that connects two brain regions that are critical for normal hearing. The project will not only lead to a greater understanding of brain function, but will also bring a new technique to the neuroscience toolbox which may help other investigators to study network properties of the brain.

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