September 17, 2015: The ADVIS Lab releases the AgreementMaker ontology matching source code in GitHub

The AgreementMaker ontology matching source code is now hosted by GitHub. The code has been released under the GNU Affero General Public License v3. The AGPL v3 requires anyone using the AgreementMaker code to release any modifications back as open source, even if using the code behind a server.

This is a major step forward for the AgreementMaker project. AgreementMaker is the product of NSF funded research to Isabel Cruz (PI) with several hundred citations and first places in the Ontology Matching Evaluation Initiative (OAEI). It has evolved into a formidable software engineering venture with more than one hundred users world wide and many more impatiently waiting for the source code release. Cosmin Stroe is currently the lead maintainer of AgreementMaker.

Besides its superior results (measured in terms of precision, recall, and F-measure), AgreementMaker is unique in what has become the very competitive research area of Schema and Ontology Matching for its early focus on: (1) User interfaces and visualization; (2) Suite of matching methods; (3) Evaluation strategies. AgreementMaker has remained at the forefront of this research area with ground breaking research in several directions including visual analytics, machine-learning configurability, linked open data, and human computation.

For an introduction to AgreementMaker, we recommend the VLDB system demo paper. All references to AgreementMaker can be found in the DBLP page.

AgreementMaker is being used in computer science and in a myriad of interdisciplinary domains, including biomedicine, geospatial applications, urban planning, environmental engineering and smart cities.

We thank all past contributors and users of AgreementMaker and invite new code submissions to be shared with the growing community of researchers and practitioners of AgreementMaker.

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