October 15, 2015: Distinguished Lecture Series - Dr. Christopher Raphael: "The Informatics Philharmonic"

Distinguished Lecture Series

The Informatics Philharmonic

Dr. Christopher Raphael
Indiana University
Thursday October 15, 2015
11:00 a.m., Room 1000 SEO Building


I discuss my ongoing work in creating a computer system that plays the role of musical accompanist in a non-improvisatory composition for soloist and ensemble.? This application simulates a concerto-like setting for a live soloist, allowing the soloist to lead an interactive real-time audio synthesis of?the accompanying ensemble, ranging from single piano to full orchestra.?? The main components of the system are a HMM-based listening module that follows the soloist's progress through the musical score, and a Kalman-filter-like model that allows the system to adapt to expressive timing and predict. ? I will provide a live demonstration as well as showing various examples of what is "under the hood."?? Examples can be heard at?http://music.informatics.indiana.edu/~craphael/info_phil/


Christopher?Raphael?heads the Music Informatics program in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University, as well as holding adjunct appointments in the Jacobs School of Music, Cognitive Science, and Statistics.? After receiving his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Brown University in 1991, he worked on a wide range of problems in both industry and academia including Arabic character recognition, magnetic resonance spectroscopy and mine detection before coming to focus on music.? His musical research includes accompaniment systems, optical music recognition, computer generated musical analysis, musical signal processing, and modeling of musical interpretation.? As a former professional oboist, he won the San Francisco Young Artist competition and soloed with the San Francisco Symphony, played principal oboe in the Santa Cruz Symphony, and was a fellow at Tanglewood.?

Host: David Randolph

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