January 8, 2016: Wired Magazine reports on Stephen Checkoway's Research into Juniper Backdoor

An article on Professor Stephen Checkoway's research into the Dual EC backdoor in Juniper's ScreenOS software was in Wired Magazine today. Juniper came into the news recently when it revealed that its ScreenOS operating system used on its VPN appliances had two critical backdoors. Checkoway's research into these backdoors revealed that one of them used the widely discredited Dual EC psuedo random number generator. Checkoway, who has done prior work on Dual EC backdoors, showed that the ScreenOS Dual EC implementation was added after Juniper had already incorporated a more secure random number generated, and was added in such a way as to allow for easy exploitation. This work was done in collaboration with Shaanan Cohney (UPenn), Matthew Green (Johns Hopkins), Nadia Heninger (UPenn), Eric Rescorla (Mozilla), and Hovav Shacham (UCSD).


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