May 4, 2016: UIC CS Research Professor Dan Bernstein's Curve25519 Cryptosystem rolls out to 1 Billion WhatsApp Users

The popular WhatsApp instant-messaging system is now using Curve25519, an encryption system developed by Professor Daniel J. Bernstein.

WhatsApp was founded in 2009, was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion in 2014, and reached one billion users in February this year. whatsApp announced in April that its latest update encrypts all messages from end to end by default to protect against cybercriminals and hackers and oppressive regimes.

Curve25519 is an elliptic-curve cryptosystem that allows users who have never met to securely create a shared secret key. Curve25519 is also used in Apple's iOS; the Signal messaging system; the standard OpenSSH remote-login software; the Tor network; and Google's QUIC protocol.

More information:
See for the WhatsApp announcement.
See for the details of how WhatsApp uses Curve25519.

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