July 18, 2016: Two NSF grants to support creation of innovative interdisciplinary computer science introductory courses

Two new NSF grants to the Computer Science department will support the design and development of two new "themed" introductory computer science courses, targeted towards broadening the base of participation in the field of computer science.

Computer Science Professor and Department Head Prof. Sloan is leading an innovative educational effort and an interdisciplinary team of educators that will create and teach these courses. The first grant is a biology-themed CS introductory course and its co-PIs are UIC Biological Sciences faculty members Boris Iglic and Rachel Poretsky as well as CS faculty members Cynthia Taylor and Tanya Berger-Wolf. The second grant is for the design of a law-themed CS introductory course and its co-PI is CS faculty member Cynthia Taylor. Both courses will be offered for the first time this Fall. The biology course will be co-taught by Profs. Berger-Wolf and Igic and the law course will be taught by Prof. Sloan.

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