September 20, 2016: Computer Science Professor Tanya Berger-Wolf and Kenya's Great Grevy (zebra) rally: Results announced

Most of you have heard about the "barcode" method for identifying individual zebras by their stripes in photographs invented by UIC Computer Science Professor Tanya Berger-Wolf and her PhD student several years ago. Some of you have been hearing more recently about the Great Grevy's Rally (, the first ever photograph-based, citizen science-powered effort to get a complete census of a species, in this case the Grevy's zebra.

Professor Berger-Wolf's interdisciplinary team's system, IBEIS, enabled this historic effort in January 2016. The results of the census were announced at the Black and White Ball in Kenya on Sept 3. IBEIS is now a large working system with a big interdisciplinary team behind it, but the two leaders are Prof. Berger-Wolf for Computer Science and Princeton Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Dan Rubenstein for the zoology. Here is a very comprehensive article from Princeton about the Great Grevy's Rally (UIC is mentioned):

And many more from the popular press about the Great Zebra Rally

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