Learning or Video games? How about both! Research on how computers can most effectively be used in education.ReachEddie.jpgReachMarientina.geowall2.jpg

ReachClaudiaMitchell.jpgReachCave.jpgImmersive 3-D Virtual Exploration in the CAVE, invented at the Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL) at UIC.

Exploring the GeoWall: Interacting with large high-resolution datasets using tiled displays.

Imagine designing a computer chip so people could control a prosthetic arm with their thoughts. Ever thought of creating educational games so that learning is the most fun kids have ever had? You could work on the next-generation smart phone Apps. Work with others in Computer Science at UIC to make a difference in the world.

Computer Science has some of the fastest growing, highest paying jobs available. Have fun learning in a nationally-ranked CS program in the midst of the diversity of Chicago.

We believe training should be both practical and interesting. Check out the link at left where solving puzzles enters you into a contest to win an iPad!

Come visit us in person at an Open House and see all that CS at UIC has to offer. Extend your reach!



CS is all around us. It’s what makes our phones smart, what keeps the Internet connected and what lets us tell hundreds of Facebook friends that we’re suddenly available. It is what separates users of technology from makers.

Two of the 15 fastest growing jobs are in CS. The US Department of Commerce forecasts that between 2008 and 2018 the number of Network Systems / Data Analyst jobs will more than double(53% growth), with the number of Software Engineers growing by 34%. These projections mean that nearly 3 out of 4 new science or engineering jobs in the US are going to be in computing.

CS jobs are interdisciplinary, helping you work with others to change the world. You can combine computing with medicine, education, art, gaming, communications, and business.

To top it off, starting salaries are around $60K.

(But don’t just take our word for all this. See the Washington Post description of how fewer high school students are taking CS classes, while at the same time the New York Times describes computing hybrid careers are the jobs of the future. It’s also fun to see the 2010 CareerCast.com lists of the best jobs and worst jobs. NACE reports in Fall 2010 that while liberal arts majors starting salaries average near $35K, Computer Science majors starting salaries average near $60K.)



World-class Education

Our faculty are national and world-wide leaders in their fields. Come learn cutting-edge technology, using computers to interconnect people and information. Learn from our award-winning teachers, drawing on a wealth of electives to help you establish a solid CS foundation. Explore technology-enhanced teaching, be it in the cyber-commons connecting groups at different universities, classrooms in a LEED-certified “green” building, or downloading podcasts of your class notes.

Student Life

Wondering what’s going on around the world? Don’t just read about it – ask the person in class next to you! Exploit the advantages of getting an international perspective from other students in this increasingly interconnected age. You’ll win prizes, eat some good food and have fun getting to know other students and faculty in our Stump the Profs competition and the Scavenger Hunt.

Need a change of pace? Float around the lazy river in the Rec Center. Join in hosting the annual student-sponsored open-source Flourish Conference, use your programming skills with the award-winning Engineering Design Team (EDT) building competitive robots. Join the ACM, gaming at LAN parties and hanging out at the ACM office next to the CS labs.


Being in the heart of Chicago provides a wealth of internship opportunities while you are in school that will help establish your career in Gaming, Networking, or Software Engineering, among others. Leverage your in-depth CS expertise to launch an interdisciplinary career in Art, Education, Finance, or Business. Our students go on to work at top companies nationwide, with an average starting salary near $59K.


Puzzle Process

Do you like a challenge? Sign up here and we’ll send you a 3-D foam puzzle, for free. (Limited to high school Juniors and Seniors, and college undergraduate transfer students.)

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Did you solve it? Tell us here and we’ll send you the next one that’s a little harder. Solve all three and we’ll enter you into a random drawing for the iPad mini *.

(* iPad is the trademark name of its respective owner. Random drawing held end of January 2012. Employees of the University of Illinois or their family members and current University of Illinois studentsare not eligible. Limit one random drawing entry per person.)

Congratulations to Katie (see below) who won the iPad from the UIC Computer Science 2011-2012 foam puzzle challenge! All students who successfully completed the three foam puzzles were entered into a random drawing for the iPad. Katie was the lucky winner!

iPad Winner