Information for Prospective Lab Members

Here are a few thoughts for those that are considering joining Bits for a career in networked systems. Our work is intensely applied, which means you will spend a significant fraction of your time building real systems. While this may sound like fun, it also means that publications come slower than in other labs, given the same amount of effort. We address this by working twice as hard. wink

We are always looking for new self-motivated, creative students with an interest in building networked systems in the real world. Overall, our topics tend to lie in the span between networking and transportation research, which typically involves mobile wireless networks, cellular phones, vehicular computing and mobile sensing.

As in any other lab, the funding situation varies, but is always limited and primarily available to students that have already proven themselves. This is best done by doing very well in related classes such as CS450 or CS385, and by impressing us with a smaller semester-long or summer project, but other approaches may work as well. Talk to one of the present members and see if Bits is the place for you.

Prospective students who are not yet enrolled at UIC

Our lab does not typically recruit members from outside UIC directly. You are encouraged to apply through the regular admissions process, and we look forward to seeing you here!

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