WiFlow is a system to estimate travel time using Wi-Fi monitors. Wi-Fi monitors are deployed along roads that capture Wi-Fi packets from smart-phones and other Wi-Fi devices in the moving vehicles. From the location of the monitors and time gap of the observations of the vehicles at different locations, travel time for roads is estimated.

We are using multiple methods to deploy WiFlow nodes and collect data from roads. First, we are deploying monitor nodes around UIC and using UIC wireless to upload the data to the server. Second, if there is no infrastructure available then we are deploying many nodes and forming a mesh network among nodes with single cellular gateway to upload the data. Finally, we are deploying nodes in the houses and using their Wi-Fi access point to upload the data. As we are uploading very small amount of data (~100 KB/hour), all the methods described above are feasible and do not cause any bandwidth problem.

UIC Deployment:
We are deploying WiFlow monitor nodes around UIC to collect data from adjacent roads.
  • The WiFlow monitor records Wi-Fi signal strength and hardware addresses from passing drivers and pedestrians with smart-phones. No private data is ever retained.
  • We use the UIC Wireless network to continuously upload a very small amount of monitor data to our servers for analysis (~100 KB/hour).
  • Power consumption is approx. 7 watts, similar to a small high-efficiency light-bulb.
  • Please contact us in case you have any of the following issues:
    • You are facing some problem with this monitor and do not want to host it anymore.
    • You are moving and need to return the monitor.
    • Any concerns about the operation of the monitor.
ABM Musa, Email: amusa2 AT uic.edu

BITS Lab, ERF 2054, 842 W Taylor St, Phone: 312-413-2103

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