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From back of the class to top of her game


When Nedda Djavid transferred to UIC, she was still undecided about her future, but the daughter of an engineer soon found herself in the Civil and Materials Engineering Program. “The program is tough, and male-dominated—I was always one of a few girls in the class and it was intimidating! I used to sit in the back of the class quietly taking notes, but as time went on, I started moving closer and closer to the front. The professors in CME truly bolstered my confidence, and after a few successes, I was sure I could do this.”

Nedda Djavid, standing on a balcony in ERF, is graduating CME with a perfect 4.0 GPA in 2014.

Nedda Djavid is graduating from UIC’s Department of Civil and Materials Engineering this May with a perfect 4.0 GPA. The daughter of an engineer, Djavid wasn’t sure if she wanted to become one herself—at first. “I enjoy being creative, and so when I got to UIC I considered writing, design, even journalism, but finally decided I was most comfortable in the Engineering program. “The ‘Aha!’ moment for me was in a physics class when I saw real-life applications of what I was learning, and how these concepts could span so many different areas. Suddenly, it just made sense.”

Along with a rigorous schedule of courses, Djavid also began an internship at MWH Global, where the real-life applications of her textbook theorems became even more apparent. “The professors always—strongly—encouraged us to go beyond the homework sets—to understand the underlying theory. I found the better I understood the theory and the behavior of whatever I was learning, the better I could handle everything they threw at me in terms of exams—which translated to my being able to actually solve real-life problems at my internship.”

With commencement taking place in a few weeks, Djavid is heading into finals before taking the stage to give a talk to her fellow students—graduating summa cum laude. “I think students, once they finish a tough semester, forget the difficulties and frustrations of learning almost immediately until their next challenge—but you don’t just get from point A- to point B—just like that. It’s a lot of hard work, but with the right focus and the support of the professors—you can get through it—you will get there. I had a wonderful time at UIC, met some wonderful people and excellent professors. I look back on my education and see how much I’ve grown as a person, and professional, and I am proud to be UIC.”

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