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Thomas C. Ting

Prof. Emeritus of Appl. Mech.

Thomas C. T. Ting

Ph.D. Applied Mathematics (1962)
Brown University

B.S. Civil Engineering (1956)
National Taiwan University

Contact Information

Faculty Profile

Research Interests

Wave propagation, continuum mechanics, anisotropic elasticity, composite materials, surface waves, plastic waves, nonlinear waves.

Faculty Profile

Editorial Activities

Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Mechanics, 1975-82. Chairman of Editorial Committee, 15th Midwestern Mechanics Conference, 1977. Foreign Advisory Board, Acta Mechanica Sinica (China), 1990 - present. Guest Editor, A special issue of International Journal of Solids and Structure in honor of Professor John Dundurs, 1995. Editorial Board, Journal of Elasticity, 1996 - present. International Associate Editors, the Chinese Journal of Mechanics, 1999 - present. Advisory Board, Acta Mechanica (Autria), 2000 - present.


Advisory Professor, Tongji Univ., Shanghai, China, 1986 - present. Guest Professor, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China, 1990 - present. Advisory Professor, Harbin Inst. of Tech., Harbin, China, 1991. Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Honorary Member, Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Republic of China. Fellow, Am. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, 1995 - present. U.S. Army Summer Faculty Research and Engineering Program, 1996. Faculty Research Awards, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1998. Award of Distinguished Service, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2001.


Recent Books

T. C. T. Ting, "Anisotropic elasticity: theory and Applications," Oxford University Press. 570 pages, 1996.

Selected Publications

[163] T. C. T. Ting, "A modified Lekhnitskii formalism a la Stroh for anisotropic elasticity and classifications of the 6X6 matrix N," Proc. Roy. Soc. London, A455, 69-89 (1999).

[165] T. C. T. Ting, "The remarkable nature of cylindrically orthotropic elastic material under plane strain deformations," Q. J. Mech. Appl. Math., 52, 387-404 (1999).

[166] T. C. T. Ting, "The remarkable nature of radially symmetric deformation of spherically uniform linear anisotropic elastic solids," J. Elasticity, 53, 47-64 (1999).

[167] T. C. T. Ting, "Singularity-free composites," Proc. 12th Int. Conf. Composite Materials, ed. by Thierry Massard, paper #1301 (1999).

[168] T. C. T. Ting and S. C. Chou, "Constitutive equations for strain-rate sensitive and temperature-rate sensitive materials," Proc. 4th Int. Conf. Constitutive Laws for Engineering Materials, ed. by R. C. Picu and E. Kremple, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, 180-183 (1999).

[169] T. C. T. Ting, "New solutions to pressuring, shearing, torsion, and extension of a cylindrically anisotropic elastic circular tube or bar," Proc. Roy. Soc. London, A455, 3527-3542 (1999).

[170] T. C. T. Ting, "Independence on the presence of cracks or inclusions of the net interaction force acting on a dislocation by a skewed line singularity," J. Elasticity, 55, 61-72 (1999).

[171] T. C. T. Ting, "Recent developments in anisotropic elasticity," in the special volume, Research Trends in Solid Mechanics, Int. J. Solids Structures, 37, 401-409 (2000).

[172] D. M. Barnett, T. C. T. Ting and H. O. K. Kirchner, "The net interaction force between two skew dislocations in an anisotropic linear elastic bi-metallic medium," Materials Science and Engineering A (Proc. Symp. in honor of T. Mori's 65th Birthday), edited by M. Taya and R. J. Arsenault, in press (2000).

[173] T. C. T. Ting, "Anisotropic elastic materials that uncouple antiplane and inplane displacements but not antiplane and inplane stresses, and vice versa," Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids, in press (2000).

[174] T. C. T. Ting, "A new modified Lekhnitskii formalism a la Stroh for steady state waves in anisotropic elastic materials," Wave Motion, 32, 125-140 (2000).

[175] T. C. T. Ting, "Anisotropic elastic constants that are structurally invariant," Q. J. Mech. Appl. Math, 53, 511-523 (2000).

[176] T. C. T. Ting, "Anisotropic elastic materials that uncouple all three displacement components, and existence of one-displacement Green's functioni," J. Elasticity, 57, 133-155 (2000).

[177] T. C. T. Ting, "Common errors on mapping of non-elliptic curves in anisotropic elasticity," J. Appl. Mech., 67, 655-657 (2000).

[178] T. C. T. Ting and D. M. Barnett, "On Nix's theorem for two skew dislocations in anisotropic elastic half-spaces and bimaterials," Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids, 6, 3-27 (2001).

[179] T. C. T. Ting, "Can an anisotropic elastic material have a uniform contraction under a uniform pressure?", Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids, 6, 235-243 (2001).

[180] T. C. T. Ting, Yuantai Hu and H. O. K. Kichner, "Anisotropic elastic materials with a parabolic or hyperbolic boundary - a classical problem revisited," J. Appl. Mech. 68, 537-542 (2001).

[181] Stuart S. Antman and T. C. T. Ting, "Anisotropy consistent with spherical symmetry in continuum mechanics," J. Elasticity, 62, 85-93 (2001).

[182] T. C. T. Ting, "The wonderful world of anisotropic elasticity - An exciting theme park to visit," Proc. 4th Pacific International Conference on Aerospace Science and Technology, 1-7 (2001).

[183] T. C. T. Ting, "Explicit secular equations for surface waves in monoclinic materials with the symmetry plane at x1=0, x2=0 or x3=0," Proc. Roy. Soc. London, A458, 1-15 (2002).

[184] T. C. T. Ting, "An explicit secular equation for surface waves in an elastic material of general anisotropy," Q. J. Mech. Appl. Math, 55, 297-311 (2002).

[185] M. Destrade, P. A. Martin and T. C. T. Ting, "The incompressible limit in linear anisotropic elasticity, with applications to surface waves and elastostatics," J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 50, No. 7, 1453-1468, (2002).

[186] T. C. T. Ting, "A unified formalism for elastostatics or steady state motion of compressible or incompressible anisotropic elastic materials," Int. J. Solids and Structures, in press (2002).

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